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Remove fossil fuels from your crops, reduce your carbon footprint, and control your fertilizer costs with our revolutionary technology.

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There are plenty of challenges facing farmers and growers today. Being forced to use polluting, petroleum-based fertilizer doesn’t have to be one of them anymore.

Introducing Redhill Scientific’s all-natural liquid nitrogen fertilizer technology.

Engineered for direct application to plants via spray, our system uses zero fossil fuels and releases zero carbon.

How’s that possible? Our patented process creates fertilizer on-site and on-demand with a simple combination of air, water, and electricity.

It’s scalable and mobile, allowing farmers and growers to deploy it on everything from small plots to thousand-acre agricultural enterprises.

And with a fixed capital expense, you can avoid the variable, recurring cost of petroleum-based fertilizer that fluctuates wildly according to global oil prices.

This means more money in your pocket.

Researchers have been looking for a replacement for the century-old Haber-Bosch oil-based process for decades, and after ten years in the making, Redhill Scientific has obtained exclusive patent licenses to manufacture an array of devices that use this revolutionary technology.

We are ready to offer our liquid nitrogen fertilizer technology to you.

Let’s grow the food that the world needs in a much more sustainable, natural way.

Contact us now for (a free demo, video, more info) …

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