There are plenty of challenges facing growers today. Buying petroleum-based nitrogen fertilizers doesn’t have to be one of them.

Introducing Redhill Scientific’s all-natural on-site on-demand nitrogen fertilizer production technology.

Engineered for direct application to plants via spray or irrigation, our non-thermal plasma nitrogen fixation system uses zero fossil fuels, releases zero carbon, is more fully utilized by plants, and reduces the chance of evaporation or nitrogen run-off.

How’s that possible?

Over 20 years in the making, our patented process creates nitrate fertilizer on-site and on-demand with a simple combination of air, water, and electricity.

Our machines replicate the natural nitrate creation process found in thunderstorms. It’s literally lightning in a bottle.

And because growers acquire our production machines as a one-time fixed capital expense, they can avoid the variable, recurring cost of petroleum-based fertilizer that fluctuates wildly according to global oil prices. This means more revenue stability.

Redhill Scientific Commercial Agricultural Unit

THE TFR 5 Family

  • Creates unlimited aqueous nitrogen fertilizer (NO3-N) on-site and on-demand
  • Produces fertilizer as needed by plants
  • Ideal for irrigated row crops
  • Perfect for greenhouse, hydroponic, and all-natural growers
  • Helps prevent nitrogen fertilizer run-off in outdoor applications
  • Eliminates traditional nitrogen fertilizer evaporation and waste
  • Nitrates bypass the so-called “nitrogen cycle” and are directly utilized by plants without the need for soil nitrifying bacteria
  • Allows growers to go “all-natural” and eliminate fossil fuels from their nitrogen fixation source
  • Integrates with – and augments – existing fertigation and irrigation systems, including spray, drip, subsurface, etc.
  • Aqueous fertilizer solution can be created before it’s needed and stored in tanks for up to a month
  • The TFR 5 Family of products creates ~50PPM Nitrogen (as NO3 -N) fertilizer. The base TFR 5 has a flow rate starting at ~2L/min. with larger sizes available
  • Multiple machines can be operated in parallel to achieve any desired flow rate
  • Larger and smaller sized are available as special orders. Our technology is infinitely scalable from tabletop to building-sized devices. Contact us for a quote.
  • Transforms the major unavoidable recurring expense of nitrogen fertilizer into a one-time capitalized expense that can be depreciated
  • Our products are allowable under “Section 179” deductions and other tax breaks on agricultural equipment
  • Only recurring cost is electricity and water. Growers who can self-generate electricity and pump water have no recurring costs
  • Our modular design allows for easy field-servicing of our products and “hot swappable” replacement of most parts without removing the entire machine from operation
  • Our technology is highly scalable and can potentially be sized to any sized farm
  • Our simple, robust, industrial design is designed for years of continual operation with minimal servicing
  • Uses only all-natural, air, water, and electricity to create nitrate
  • Replicates the process of creating naturally-occurring nitrates in thunderstorm
  • Our “Plasma Activated Water” is engineered for direct application to plants via liquid spray or fertigation
  • Our plasma technology uses zero fossil fuels and has zero carbon releases


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